Yoga for kids at Cloud 9


One may wonder how a kids yoga class differs from an adult yoga class?

First, we start with an opening mindful game. Maybe Silent Ball. 


Then we use the Hoberman Sphere for our breathing practice. Students love taking turns leading this exercise. 


Of course there are the yoga poses most people recognize, like chair pose and child’s pose, but there are also a lot of fun poses that engage kids further, such as Butterfly, Frog and Woodchopper.   

Also, students love partner and group poses.



Double Boat:  


Sometimes students even invent their own poses.

Group Flower pose:


We also play games that incorporate yoga poses, such as Musical Mats (kind of like

musical chairs), Gratitude Pick-up Sticks, and Mindful listening. 

Students learn about and practice the movement of the breath with the parachute and taking turns showing yoga poses under the parachute!


Class wraps up with a quick inspiring story on topics of kindness, gratitude, and mindfulness.  


Then we finish with a guided relaxation/meditation.     

Current classes for ages 5-11:

Monday Homeschool class 10-10:45 (Weds may be added in January).

After School Wednesdays 4:30-5:15

Tween/Teen to be added in 2018

Parent and PreK in 2018 

Please get in with our yoga instructor, Liz, to sign up!

To learn more about Liz and her work, visit her website at

To register for yoga classes or for more information, please email her directly at

Charlene Freeman