Words+Images = The Art of Collage Writing

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We are so excited to offer this creative writing workshop! Come join us for an inspiring journey with Words+Images = The Art of Collage Writing taught by Dianne Aprile

Tuesdays 7-9 pm (6 sessions)
March 13-April 17

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Collage is an organic, intuitive way to write. In this workshop, we’ll combine in-class writing prompts and exercises with simple cut-and-paste collage methods to create chapbooks of prose and/or poetry to take home.  By juxtaposing short passages of unrelated dialogue, narrative, memory, experience, and dreams, new meanings and connections are born. 

Collage writing is popular today in all genres, including poetry, fiction and memoir. We’ll read excerpts (from handouts) by contemporary writers who excel at this technique. 

Bring pens, paper, scissors, glue stick and a couple of magazines to the first class. For writers of all levels. 


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Charlene Freeman