Creative Writing Workshops


Have you had an idea for a book rattling around in your head for a while? Are you interested in creating your own collage writing? Or writing memoirs? Then Dianne Aprile's workshops are for you!

We are so happy to announce that the award winning writer, Dianne Aprile, is launching a series of creative writing courses at Cloud 9!

Dianne also teaches creative nonfiction as a faculty member of Spalding University’s Master of Fine Arts  in Writing program (since 2001). She has also taught writing workshops at Seattle’s  Hugo House and the Kirkland Arts Center. A former jazz-club owner and journalist, she’s authored and/or edited numerous books and published poems, most recently this summer in Raven Chronicles. She has served as guest editor and judge for nonfiction literary journals and competitions. She’s collaborated with visual artists on book and gallery projects; received an Artist-Trust-Fellowship; a Hedgebrook-Writers-Residency; two Pushcart Prize nominations and shared a newspaper-team Pulitzer Prize. She’s currently completing a hybrid memoir.

Dianne was featured on This I Believe, reading her essay, The Way of Silence, on The Bob Edwards Show, on January 17, 2014. You can listen to Dianne's reading here.

Here are some other links to learn more about Dianne and her writing.

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Dianne lives in Kirkland with her husband Ken and their cat, Mr. Leo. And she is now offering the following workshops at Cloud 9! More will follow in the months ahead. For more information and to register for any of her workshops, please click here

Words+Images=The Art of Collage Writing with Dianne Aprile
Tuesdays 7-9 pm
October 2 - October 30
Collage is an organic, intuitive way to write. In this workshop, we’ll combine in-class writing prompts and exercises with simple cut-and-paste collage methods to create chapbooks of prose and/or poetry to take home. By juxtaposing short passages of unrelated dialogue, narrative, memory, experience, and dreams, new meanings and connections are born. Collage writing is popular today in all genres, including poetry, fiction and memoir. We’ll read excerpts (from handouts) by contemporary writers who excel at this technique. Bring pens, paper, scissors, glue stick and a couple of magazines to the first class. For writers of all levels. $150

Getting Personal: Learning to Write from Life with Dianne Aprile
Thursdays 10-12:30
October 4 - November 2
Is there a chapter of your life you want to share with others – in fiction, nonfiction, poetry, children’s books, etc.? In this class, we will discuss and experiment with techniques for turning memories and experience into compelling narratives. And we’ll share our work to get feedback. For writers at any level. $150

Open Table with Dianne Aprile        
Fridays 10-12:30
Starting Friday September 7     
These weekly group sessions allow writing students to drop in to work on their current projects in a group-- with Dianne available to offer on-site suggestions and revision tips. At each session, handouts, reading lists and in-class exercises will be provided to nurture best writing practices. Share your work, and listen to others share theirs. For writers at any level. $20 a session

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