Kelley Minor

As a mom of 4 and an artist myself, teaching and helping others explore the amazing opportunities in clay has always been my passion. From the beginners first experience to helping offer new perspectives to more seasoned artists, being immersed in the world of ceramics is where I feel at home. 

Students will find my passion is to come along side, hear the excitement for creation and aid in bringing it to life. No boring lectures here!  


Truly my inspiration comes from seeing this miraculous and fabulous world through the eyes of my amazing kids. Life is dull and lacks interest without whimsy! No matter our age or talent or obligations - we need much more creativity, imagination, and allowed TIME to BE STILL (in this fast paced world) and allow ourselves the space to construct beauty. It won't always be a masterpiece but the process itself IS the beauty!

For more information and to register for my workshops, please visit https://exploringceramics.com