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about us

Cloud 9 Art School offers workshops, ongoing classes, and travel adventures to inspire joy and creativity.

We are dedicated to creating a community of inspiration and discovery. Cloud 9 is a place where children, teens and adults learn, create, and have fun in a relaxed, professional studio environment.

Our instructors teach techniques for arts, crafts, and mindful living, while supporting students of all ages. The instructors are established professionals who are passionate about our own work as artists and bring that enthusiasm to their classes at Cloud 9 Art School.

Come join us!



Classes & Workshops


Preschool classes

We are happy to offer classes for two year olds and up in our preschool classes. These classes are designed for parents and preschoolers to attend together. We offer these classes several days per week.

Youth Art Classes 

Designed to give children and teens  the skills, encouragement and environment they need to explore and develop their natural creativity with an emphasis on developing fine arts skills and having fun.

Youth Art Camps 

Art camps are different from ongoing youth art classes in that the camps are for a limited time, usually scheduled to coincide with the school winter breaks, spring breaks and summer breaks. Some camps are taught by Cloud 9 instructors and other camps are taught by visiting instructors.

Yoga for Kids

Students will have opportunities to practice mindful activities such as movement, meditation, and listening to music.. Classes incorporate basic yoga stretches, breathing exercises, mindful games, and brief guided meditations.  


We are happy to offer options to homeschool families and organizations to have art classes during times that suit your homeschool schedules. Just contact us at cloud9artschool@icloud.com to discuss options. 



When I returned home yesterday, I told my husband that your class was the best one I have ever taken. I am very excited. It actually gave me goosebumps!
— Susan Cook

Art classes for adults

We offer art classes for adults in drawing, watercolors, acrylics, and sketch booking. Students sign up month to month. Classes run September through June although students can start up at any time. We know life gets busy. You are free to stop taking classes and start up again as your schedule allows.

Art Workshops for adults

Art workshops are different from ongoing classes in that the workshops are for a limited time. Some workshops are just for a day, and some meet weekly for a few months. Some workshops are taught by Cloud 9 instructors and other workshops are taught by visiting instructors.


Private Lessons

Some instructors are available for private lessons offered in our classrooms specifically designed for one-on-one lessons and for small groups (such as families). Contact individual instructors to discuss availability and pricing.


Travel Adventures

Cloud 9 has partnered with World Tours Studio to offer tours, big and small, around the world. World Tours Studio was founded by a group of passionate travelers inspired to create peak experiences for others. World Tours Studio offers the experience of a team of professionals who have organized hundreds of travel programs for adventurous individuals, U.S. universities, international companies and groups of friends.  Whether you want to sign up for one of Cloud 9's scheduled tours or want us to create a trip tailored to your specific interests, Cloud 9 and World Tours Studio will be there for you every step of the way. Let us show you the world.


Knowing we have to grow into the curve of learning and improving is why I keep coming back. I love your class and more importantly I love the way you teach. You are not judgmental, you care and we are fortunate to have you each week. Thank you.
— Marilyn Scanlon
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Cloud 9 instructors

We are a team of professional artists dedicated to making Cloud 9 a place where people come to create, discover, and be joyful.

Instructors offer classes and workshops for kids, teens and adults in visual arts, writing, crafts, travel, and self actualization. We are guided by values of integrity, acceptance, encouragement, creativity, and joy while addressing technical aspects of living an authentic, creative life.

For information about each of our instructors and links to their websites, please visit our Instructors page.

I’m so glad I took Charlene’s “Drawing the Masters” class. Looking back at my past work, the current work I’m creating is more accurate and my visual ability has improved. I’ve been drawing more and now tackling painting again. Thank you!
— Donella Robbins