Girl Scouts earn Flowers Badge


We are thrilled to offer workshops for Girl Scouts to earn badges. Last week we hosted a workshop taught by Sarah Crumb for Juniors to earn the Flowers Badge.


Here’s a peek at what was covered.

Uncover the Science/Look Under the Petals

We learned the parts of a flower by drawing its anatomy. We practiced drawing flowers by examining their separate parts as individual shapes within a whole object. We dissected flowers, looked at them closely with magnifying glasses, and drew what we observed.


How Flowers Help People

We discussed the ways that flowers are helpful to people (they make us feel good, they are pretty, we can use them for medicine or food, etc). We painted flower pots and planted native wildflower seeds. We also had a tea taste test!


Send a Message in Flower Code

We learned about flower meanings in different cultures, and sent secret messages to each other that we had to decode.

Have Fun with Flowers

We learned a little bit about Georgia O'Keeffe and made flowers out of paper by following directions and by experimenting with materials.


At Cloud 9 we are thrilled to offer workshops for Girl Scouts to earn badges. Each workshop takes two to three hours and covers the skills required to earn individual badges. Fees include instruction, supplies, and the badge. We also offer fun patches classes for all ages!

For a downloadable and printable copy of our current Girl Scout workshops, click here

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Charlene Freeman