Beauty & Wellness at Cloud 9


Yesterday instructor Emily Brown led a workshop on DIY Beauty and Wellness Gifts for makers ages 10 and up.

In this three hour class they made lip balms, epsom salt soaks, sugar scrubs, and all natural hand sanitizer! And they also made labels for their creations and gift wrapped them. They learned about the different benefits of essential oils before deciding which scents they wanted for their products to make their gifts even more personal.

Each student made 10 lip balms, 5 epsom salt soaks, 5 sugar scrubs, and 2 bottles of all natural hand sanitizer!

Emily teaches quite a few different workshops but said that this has been her favorite. Everyone had such a great time and asked for another workshop in the early summer. Soooo another early summer class is in the works when we will make more lip balm (because those were a favorite), sugar scrubs to help combat dirty gardening hands, citronella candles and all natural bug spray to keep the mosquitoes away.

And for those adults who are starting to feel like they are being left out, Emily has agreed to do a workshop for adults too. Sipping wine and making beatify and wellness products. Yes please!

Here are a few photos from yesterday’s fun workshop.


They started with their most basic project, scenting epsom salt soaks. This one had only two ingredients and was perfect for getting their hands wet.


One busy Christmas elf with ALL her handmade and wrapped goodies!


Busy putting their sugar scrub mixtures into individual jars to make 5 different gifts. Making sugar scrubs is a very hands on process. Good thing this product is all natural and leaves your hands silky smooth. Just one of the perks to making your own all natural bath & beauty products.


Everyone's favorite project... LIPBALMS! Everyone choose their favorite essential oil to scent their 10 lipbalms with. Making the labels might have been just as fun as making them.


Sisters making and labeling epsom salt soaks scented with their own (very different) choices of essential oils.


The wrapping station

To learn more about Emily and to register for her workshops, please visit her website at or email

Charlene Freeman