Charlene Collins Freeman giving presentation at Daniel Smith


This Saturday Cloud 9 instructor Charlene Collins Freeman will be giving a presentation about traveling with a sketchbook at Daniel Smith's Bellevue store. Join her for a fun and free presentation!

Daniel Smith (15112 NE 24th St, Redmond, WA 98052)

Saturday June 2  11am-12:30pm

Charlene will be sharing some of her travel sketchbooks, favorite supplies, and tips for creating travel journals. 


In Charlene's words:

Keeping a sketchbook while I travel is about recording my journeys in a way that makes me slow down and observe, contemplate, and sketch.  When I travel, everything seems new. My sketchbook helps me to understand and deepen what I experience and create memories. 

Traveling with a sketchbook is not about doing “good” drawings or paintings. It's about taking visual notes, being in the moment and letting your hand record what you see.

2015 Vol 6 Travel SB  25.jpg

Sketching requires trust in one's ability to see, slowing down, and the desire to travel differently.

Behind every sketchbook page, there are stories and emotions, and a simple line or color will bring you right back to the moment; you will be able to see, hear, and feel what you experienced on your trips. I am in love with traveling with a sketchbook and take students to Europe and around the US to sketch and travel.

Come join Charlene for this 90 minute presentation. She will show you her favorite travel kit and share some of her travel sketchbooks, approaches and experiences.

Charlene Freeman