Keeping a sketchbook for kids & teens

When the weather starts warming up our instructor Charlene Collins Freeman heads out of the classroom and into town or into parks with her students for a sketching adventure. An hour of sketching outdoors is always magical.

Sketching classes are popular as people recognize that it is a way to be creative on a regular basis without the pressure of creating β€œArt.” And that it is a unique way of recording our day to day world. It improves our hand to eye skills, increases our observation skills and connects us to our world in a deep and joyful way.

Developing a habit of visually documenting one's life can be an extremely rewarding, life long habit. 

This summer Charlene is offering two summer camps for sketching. For more information on the sketching workshop for 9 - 12 year olds, click here. For more information on the sketching workshop for teens, click here. Art supplies are included in these summer camps, but if your kids and teens want their own supplies, Charlene has put together a list of her favorite supplies for sketching. The supplies are listed here with links to Amazon for your convenience.  

If you would like to see some of Charlene's sketchbooks, click here.

At Cloud 9, we believe that through art and play adults and children alike are able to understand their world and to establish connections to different areas in their life. Through art we are better able to understand and appreciate the world around us. 

Charlene Freeman