Highlights from the Comics Camps


Cloud 9 art instructor Leela Trumbo has been leading some very popular summer camps with her Comics Camps. 

Here are some highlights from her camps, in Leela’s words.

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It feels like only yesterday it was May and we were all wondering if we would ever get to see the sun this year. This summer turned out to be a total scorcher and I’m so glad to have spent a large portion of it in the air conditioned kids art studio at Cloud 9 Art School. This summer I held 10 art workshops at Cloud 9 for kids 5 to 18. I had a blast teaching so many young artists how to make comics, the basics of drawing, and creating art with color pencils. 

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Over the course of my week long workshops I introduced students to a wide variety of ways to capture their world through art.

In my Comics camps, students studied the basics of drawing from life because all good fantasy is based on reality. Students discovered that drawing from observation made their cartoon drawings more interesting and detailed without losing their personal stylized charm. 

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Then I introduced them to the character design process that Disney and Pixar use to create their iconic cast of characters: using shape and color psychology. 

The students learned how to create an engaging story line where characters change as a result of their choices and what happens to them.

It gives me great joy to see students walk away from these workshops with a love of comics and the confidence to express their own ideas in a visual narrative.

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For more information about my art and my classes, please visit my website at www.leelatrumbo.com.

For more information about my art classes and to register, please visit my website or email me directly at trumboleela@gmail.com.

Charlene Freeman