Travel Sketchbook

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Our instructor, Charlene Collins Freeman, is an avid traveler and sketchbook addict. Every year she takes students to Europe for sketching, exploring and good living. Here are some of her sketches from this year’s trip to Sardegna and Verona, Italy. Enjoy!

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This summer I had the trip of a lifetime, to Sardegna and then Verona. In Sardegna we spent five days on a sailboat, discovering the archipelago between Sardegna and Corsica.

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After sailing, we explored the interior of Sardegna, staying at an amazing hotel, Parco degli Ulivi.

There is something exhilirating and soul satisfying about seeing a place for the first time. New things to see and feel, smell and taste. New music, new people. This trip had all of that. And it inspired me on every level.

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Buon viaggio!

Charlene Freeman