Kids Painting over Spring Break


This week is spring break and several Cloud 9 art instructors offered art camps. Emily Brown led a painting camp for 5 - 8 year olds.

They started off with a game identifying different kinds of paintings. Students learned what portrait, self portrait, landscape, surrealism, abstract, and still lives are. They then had to match paintings to each genre description. They all worked together and it took them no time at all. 

Their first painting was a still life including fruits in a basket and flowers in a bottle.


Next, our campers learned how to use a light box to trace images. They each chose their own images to trace. They then experimented with watercolor painting wet paint into wet paper. They painted the inside of their traced image with only water. Then dropped watercolor paint into it. We finished this project with a crowd favorite, splatter paint!


After a quick popcorn break the young artists got to experience painting from a new perspective..... laying on the ground!


The kids ended their camp with abstract paintings to different music. The focus was connecting different colors and brush strokes to emotions we felt in the songs. This ended with a lot of song requests. Music and painting go so well together!


Charlene Freeman