Charlene Collins Freeman

I am a watercolorist, sketchbook addict, teacher and traveler. And I am the founder and owner of Cloud 9 Art School.

I have loved to create things with my hands as far back as I can remember. I have been a full time artist ever since I realized that I could actually create a life doing what I love. That took some time to learn.


I teach watercolor, drawing, and sketchbook classes for adults, children and teens. Best. Gig. Ever.

After years of teaching at various colleges and art schools, I began dreaming of opening my own art school, a place of inspiration and learning, where people would be encouraged to believe in their creative potential and where they could be transformed by their creativity. After a year of planning, Cloud 9 Art School opened its doors.  At Cloud 9 Art School, we encourage each others’ creative dreams and goals as well as nurture our own.


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Emily Brown

Greetings! I am Emily Brown, self proclaimed maker. I currently enjoy myself most when painting with watercolor or sketching with pen and ink. I am a lover of all things visual arts and crafts. I am a maker of anything I can get my hands on. When given two choices between easy and hard, I will always choose hard.

Drawing and painting is an escape from the chaos of life; it is an opportunity to slow down. The outcome of a painting is secondary to the process.

I paint to slow down. I paint to be present.

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Andria Burchett

Andria Burchett has a background in fashion merchandising, but since 1990 has been concentrating on her colored pencil and graphite drawings.  Andie has shown her work in a wide variety of local, regional and national exhibitions, receiving numerous awards. Her work has been published in several internationally-distributed art publications.

Andie is a signature member of the Colored Pencil Society of America. As a consistent award-winning artist, Andie has coached hundreds of fellow colored pencil enthusiasts, many who have gone on to win awards themselves.  Andie's warmth, patience and personal attention will help guide each student during her workshops.


Gabriel “Gabi” Campanario

Gabriel “Gabi” Campanario is an award winning illustrator, author and journalist best known for his storytelling work as the Seattle Sketcher at The Seattle Times, and as the founder of the global Urban Sketchers movement and nonprofit organization.

07. watercolor lr.jpg

A native of Barcelona, Campanario has a journalism degree from the University of Navarra in Pamplona, and has resided in the United States since 1998. His career as a newspaper artist spans more than two decades working in newsrooms on both sides of the Atlantic, including La Vanguardia (Barcelona), The Reno-Gazette Journal (Nevada), Diario de Noticias (Lisbon), The Desert Sun (Palm Springs, Calif.), USA TODAY and The Seattle Times. Campanario’s work as a sketch journalist has been recognized by The Society of Professional Journalists and The Society for Features Journalism, and was the subject of a five-month solo exhibit at Seattle’s Museum of History and Industry in 2014.


You can see more of Gabi’s work on his website, Seattle Times author page, Facebook and Instagram.

Bibliography: The Art of Urban Sketching: Drawing on Location around the World (Quarry Books, 2012); The Urban Sketching Handbook: Architecture and Cityscapes (Quarry Books, 2014); and The Urban Sketching Handbook: People and Motion (Quarry Books, 2014); Seattle Sketcher, An Illustrated Journal (Pediment Books, 2014).

(Photo by Pasquale Raicaldo, La Repubblica)

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April 2018 red.jpg

Tara Larsen Chang

I’m an artist and compulsive gardener living in the lushly temperate Pacific Northwest.  From my earliest memories, I’ve been captivated by the imagery in fairy tales and couldn’t think of anything else I’d rather do when I grew up than create my own. When I’m not painting in the studio, I can probably be found working in my gardens to make sure there are plenty of havens for visiting fairies.

 Drawing inspiration from the mossy forests, my magical backyard gardens, my feisty menagerie of animals, childhood books, music and poetry, I love filling my sketchbooks and paintings with elements of nature and mystery. While I work primarily in watercolor, I also enjoy mixing in other mediums from colored pencil and pastel to pressed leaves and cut paper.

tlchang Snow Fae.jpg

A professional illustrator with a BFA in Design and Illustration, I have illustrated more than 30 published books.  My work has been featured in magazines, specialty publications, packaging, educational software, zoos and galleries. I have over 25 years of teaching experience. My career has also included time spent as designer, art director, fine artist, instructor, curator, and workshop facilitator. 

tlchang Standing Stones.jpg

You can see more of my work on my website (as well as view lists of clients I’ve worked for and exhibits I’ve participated in), Facebook, and Instagram

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Sarah Crumb

After a lifetime of scribbling, painting, drawing, and creating, I graduated from the University of Washington with a B.A. in Art History, and later earned an M.A. in Zoological Education from Miami University's Advanced Inquiry Program. I have spent over 7 years teaching art in the Northshore School District, nearly 5 years engaging the public in conservation awareness education at Woodland Park Zoo, a combined 5 years participating in a neighborhood cooperative preschool, and several years leading both Camp Fire and Girl Scout groups with a focus on environmental art and cultural experiences. This unique background provides me with a deep understanding of how to engage students in fully integrated learning opportunities. I endeavor to encourage a love of the world and all the living things that call Earth home. Focusing on honing observation skills, looking deeper into the natural world, and experimenting with a plethora of mediums, I lead students through a multicultural experience.


I have written and illustrated an online children's book with a focus on introducing birds and Northwest Coast Native style art to youth. I am a published peer-reviewed author as well. During my graduate studies I wrote and subsequently achieved publication of an article detailing the play behaviors observed in children utilizing Woodland Park Zoo's playgrounds. I also recently have been awarded the Golden Acorn award, recognizing my efforts spent improving the lives of elementary students through STEAM focused activities.

When I am not painting or teaching, I enjoy birdwatching, nature hikes, sketching at the zoo, traveling, reading, listening to music, watching comic book and science fiction movies, and attending comic conventions. Yes, sometimes I dress up in costume. :) I live in Bothell with my husband, two children, dog, cat, gerbil, crested gecko, and bearded dragon.

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Che Lopez

One of my earliest memories  was staying in class during recess to finish a drawing I was working on. Being an artist and stay at home papi has always been my dream, it brings happiness to my soul. I love paintings that are expressive, loose and bold, I strive to keep the colors clean and vibrant. I love to paint with color in mind and love the art of portraiture and figurative work. The majority of my work is inspired by my Chicano heritage, from the bold color to the imagery. My "Mujere's de las Flores" Series combines my love of the portrait and Dia de los Muertos with of course florals.

I am a Signature Member of the Northwest Watercolor Society ( NWWS ) , Puget Sound Group of Northwest Artists ( PSG ) and also member of the American Watercolor Society . I have also co-chaired the NWWS Waterworks 2013 and NWWS 74th International Open Exhibition 2014. I was nominated to become the NWWS Vice-President for 2016-17 and President for the 2017-18 year.

Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 11.49.23 AM.png

I am graduate of Cornish College of the Arts, and have worked as a traditional cell animator, web designer and commission artist since graduating high school. I am also a USA Boxing Coach and have trained both pro and amateur Boxing, Muay Thai and MMA fighters from the Northwest since 2004. I finally closed the doors of my gym Team Eastside FC in Redmond in 2013 after 10 years in order to paint and teach.   Most days you can catch me teaching a variety of classes which include Watercolor, Teen Drawing and Painting,  Acrylics and Oils.

For more information about Che's art and his classes and to register, please visit his website at  The Art of Che.

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My first love in life was playing sports but, due to an injury, I had to give it up. As I searched for a replacement for my passion for sports, I discovered I had a talent for painting. I started by painting on wood with acrylics. I soon moved onto painting oil on canvas. I was introduced to painting portraits by Joy Wilson and Joann Morgan.

In 2005 I was invited to try another medium, watercolor. I fell in love with it and have not looked back. I have taken many classes and had a number of different instructors including Sharon and Robert Long, Susan Bourdet, Kay Barns, Kathy Collins, Ann Breckon, John Solinum, Mary Gibbs, Charlene Collins Freeman and Joe Garcia. I continue taking classes in drawing and watercolor as I believe artists must constantly push past what they already know. I am always open to new ways to increase my mastery of watercolor (if anyone can master watercolor).

Lynnea's Cat.jpg

While my medium of choice is watercolor and my style is realistic, I continue to experiment. My true joy is painting animals and animal portraits. As my abilities have improved I am enjoying people portrait paintings as well.

I have exhibited my work at juried shows in Edmonds, Mukilteo, Bothell and Mountlake Terrace in addition to showing in the prestigious Northwest Watercolor Society exhibits, South Hill Artists Juried Art Show, Fattiora Bacio Show in Tuscany Italy, and Sedona Arts Center in Arizona. My work is available for viewing and for purchase in the Northwest at Tsuga Gallery, Fusion Gallery, Mival Gallery, North Gallery and the Edmonds Art Walks. 

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To learn more about me and my art, please visit my website at

Lynnea's poppies.jpg

Eileen Sorg

Born in Seattle, Washington, Eileen Sorg still lives and works overlooking the bountiful Hood Canal. As with most Northwesterners, Eileen has a keen interest and respect for the natural landscape and its wild inhabitants. With her degree in Wildlife Science from the University of Washington and subsequent time spent studying birds and mammals as a biologist for the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, she has now returned to art with a bit of the scientist still in tow.

Eileen enjoys exploring her subjects and seeking out the minutest details to express in her work. Her drawings have been likened to “photographs” but she is quick to point out that her pieces are less about detail and more about the subject’s essence and vitality. “With my current work, I am seeking to capture the playful, sometimes mischievous side of my subjects, catching them in the act of behaving unexpectedly.”


Eileen’s primary medium is currently colored pencil, with ink, pastel, and watercolor applied for added depth. “Primarily, I am a draftsman rather than a painter. I am most comfortable with a pencil in my hand, languishing over all the tiny changes in tone and hue.” The pencil work is essential for breathing life into her subjects and creating softness.

Eileen is a Signature member of the Colored Pencil Society of America. Her work has been featured in The Artist’s Magazine, American Artist, American Artists – Drawing Magazine, and she is the author of three books on colored pencil, published by Walter Foster, which are available at most booksellers.

Artist Statement
“I have chosen realism as the manner in which to express my interpretations of the world around me. Realism is not duplication; it is a process that involves intense study and understanding of a subject, a strong sense of value and color, and the mastery of a given medium. Within this realism, I enjoy creating a narrative by juxtaposing two or more completely divergent subjects together in one image and having them relate to one another in a surprising way. This visual storytelling engages the audience by allowing them to read my images and move through them like a good book.”

For more information about her work, please visit Eileen's website. To register for her workshops at Cloud 9, please click here


Ré St. Peter

As far back as I can remember, art has been part of my life. As a kid I
would sit on the floor in front of the coffee table, drawing the animals
in National Geographic, plus any and all horse photos I could find.

After school, there were experiments with many mediums, including colored
pencil, pastel, ink wash, scratchboard and graphite. My study of
watercolor began in 2006, and I have learned from many talented artists
over the years. In 2017, I achieved Signature status in the Northwest
Watercolor Society (NWWS), and became a member of Parklane Gallery in

I tend to focus on portraits, although my subjects are more likely to be
animals or objects than people. As with most artists, the play of light
and shadow fascinates me, especially the way light plays on a form, and
the shape-within-a-shape created by shadows. Working in watercolor allows
me to describe those shapes and textures with the muted, fluid mixing of
colors that is characteristic of the medium.

My classes for adults will include an exploration of our tools and
materials, watercolor techniques, and the “why” behind the subjects we
choose to paint. The goal, regardless of skill level, is to approach
painting sessions with confidence and enjoyment.

For more information about my work and to register for my workshops,
please visit my website or email me directly at


Anya Toomre

I am an avid sketchbooker, note-taker, storyteller and traveler. My main love is documenting bits and pieces of life from the ordinary and mundane to the more exotic and grand. Whatever I come across is fair game to record. 

I grew up in the Boston area with an academic family and went to the University of Wisconsin-Madison for both my BS and MS degrees. The latter was in the social history of textiles and I’ve spent over twenty years as a textile and fiber artist. 

I’ve been fortunate to live in and travel to many different places in the US and abroad. I’ve lived in Japan, North Africa (Algeria, Tunisia, and Morocco), the Netherlands and England. I have also spent significant time in Cuba. 

Europe SB 2014 Day 10 spread 11 300dpi.jpg

While living abroad I taught English. I home schooled my kids for eight years and ran a home school with three other families for a year. My biases were textiles, art and language. I was one of the art instructors for Silver Kite in 2017. 

In 2011, I took a watercolor class using a sketchbook and something clicked. It felt so very right for me. Since then I’ve taken classes with local artists Charlene Collins Freeman and Eileen Sorg, in Cuba with Laura Quincy Jones and online with Danny Gregory and Koesje Koene, Liz Steel, and Jan Blencowe. I am always looking to improve my skills, but consider ink and watercolor to be my mediums of choice. I can get the precision I like with a pen and the colors and brightness I love with watercolors.

06-07 Sketchbook Project 2018 300dpi.jpg

My classroom approach is to be inclusive with a calm and encouraging attitude. I’m a recovering perfectionist (if that’s possible) and understand how it can be difficult to start new things. The process of sketching and documenting is very satisfying as is getting to a completed end of a project. Beginners to sketchbooking and travel journaling are welcome as are more seasoned sketchbookers.

For more information and to register for my workshops, please go to my website at If you have any questions, contact me at