Nora Faram

Nora Faram is a Washington State Licensed Psychotherapist and SoulCollage® Facilitator working in Kirkland, Washington. She became interested in SoulCollage as an adjunct to her practice in Art Therapy, and after experiencing the amazing transformational experience of SoulCollage, she completed the Facilitator training and certification, so that she can bring this amazing intuitive art form to the community.

What is SoulCollage?

SoulCollage® is a process of self-discovery. A way that gives voice to your inner wisdom and different aspects of your personality or soul. This process will lead to a deeper self awareness and connecting with others. This process uses your creativity and is as simple as using your own intuition with images you have selected and use to create collages that have deep meaning.

SoulCollage was started by Seena B.Frost, for more information go to